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October 24, 2012, Abadiania, Brazil - My first visit with John of God

Posted by Rev. Meredith Ann Murray on November 15, 2012 at 2:20 AM

October 24,2012, Abadiania, Brazil -- Global Oneness Day

Finally, the day had arrived when I was blessed to go before John of God (“Joao” in Entity.  I was SO excited that I could hardly sleep.  Everyone who goes before him is asked to wear white, so I got on my new white skirt and top – I felt as if I were going to my own wedding!  I definitely knew that this was going to be a very memorable day.

The breakfast room at our Pousada opened at 6:30 am and our taxi came at 7 am to take us the half mile to The Casa de Dom Inacio where Joao does his Medium/Healing work.  Walking that far was still too slow and painful for me, even with my cane. My personal guide, Deb Court, and others had told me that in order to get a seat in the Main Hall I’d have to be there by 7 am as the seating is filled by about 7:30 am.  (I cannot stand for long periods.) 

The lines of people were forming by 7 am to go into the Current Room.  The Current Room is where people sit with their eyes closed and meditate for the entire time that Joao is in Entity, anywhere from 2 – 5 hours.  You are asked to commit to the entire session, no matter how long it is and to only take a break to go to the restroom if it’s absolutely necessary, and then to return immediately.  Joao does not stop a session until everyone who wants to come before him has been seen.  People who meditate in the Current Room receive healing themselves from the multiple Entities who work with Joao.  They also hold the energy for him to be able to maintain the Entity who he is embodying during that session.  People may enter the Current Room between7:15 – 7:45 am (or until it is filled.) At 7:45 am they stop admitting people to the Current Room and they begin their meditation.  A beautiful Irish woman (who runs a local restaurant) volunteers by leading the meditators there three days per week for both the morning and afternoon sessions.  She prays aloud periodically to uplift and encourage the meditators.

The night before, with my guide Deb’s help, I had formulated three requests for the Entity which they ask you to keep to 7 words or less. Deb and I took my requests to the Translator outside the Main Hall on this first morning to have them translated into Portuguese. 

Joao goes into Entity around 8 am (and 2 pm) on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  The Entity decides which lines of people he will see first.  As a person in the“First Time” line, I waited until 9:30 am for our line to be called.  Deb had gotten me a “ticket” (free) at the Casa Bookstore to be able to go in this line. I was able to go to the front of the line as they began because of my mobility issue.  Armed with my three requests, I joined the dozens of others in white and we walked slowly and silently through the Current Room.  I was overcome with emotion at seeing all of the beautiful souls there holding the space for Joao and receiving healing themselves.  Tears began to run down my face as I entered the Medium’s Room.  This room is also full of meditators, but one has to be invited by the Entity to sit in this room.  There are about 100 people in eachof the two meditation rooms.  At the front of the room sits Joao, surrounded by enormous crystals and a few peoplewith very special needs in large armchairs on both sides as we approached him.  I went before Joao with my guide Deb there to translate for me.  I was told that everyone gets exactly what they need and it does not matter how long we are in front of Joao, whether he makes eye contact with us or speaks to us – that is our ego’s need.  The Entity sees and knows all – our soul and our needs are completely exposed.  I was in front of Joao for about 10 seconds while he scribbled a prescription for the Passiflora Herbs on his notepad and handed it to us.  He then told me to sit in the Current Room (meaning as often as possible while I am in Abadiania.)  Next, a group of about 20 of us sat in the Magnetic Pass room (available in most Spiritist Centers in Brazil and worldwide) where psychic transfusions of energy come from the many Entities working at the Casa into each of us.  After a prayer spoken by a volunteer for about 5 minutes, we were led out of the building into the blinding,hot sun – forever changed. 

I walked around the corner to the garden where I joined others in eating the Blessed Soup which is offered each day to the Pilgrims. It is a light vegetable soup made fresh weekly by staff and dozens of volunteers, then it is blessed by the Entities. 

From the soup tables, I went to the Store to purchase my prescribed Passiflora Herbal Supplement.  From the Friends of the Casa website: “These are the ground up leaves and flowers of the Passion fruit plant. The herb has no medicinal value. Its action may be equivalent to that of a cup of herbal tea. The power of the supplement is in the energy the entity has placed in your specific supplement. The herbs that were recommended for you are only for you and nobody else.” 

At this point I was in such an altered state that all I could do was take a taxi back to my Pousada and lie on my bed listening to a Meditation CD until lunch.  I wanted to stay in silence, so I sat alone at lunch and showed a message to others on my phone’s notepad telling them I was staying in silence. 

After lunch,I joined others in a taxi back to The Casa to prepare to sit in the Current Room for my first time.  I had been warned to bring pillows for extra comfort, so I had my REI inflatable pillow to sit on and one for lumbar support.  I was determined to reap the numerous benefits of healing that I had heard about and to follow the prescription of the Entity. At 1:15 pm we were allowed into the Current Room.  I found a seat in the back row with plenty of leg room and inflated my pillows.  The volunteer welcomed us and told us that if we chose to stay, it would be for the entire time that Joao was in Entity, from 2 – 5 hours, and that we were to keep our eyes closed the entire time.  The energy is very high in the room and our energetic field is wide open while in the Current making us vulnerable to absorbing negative or harmful energies from people filing through the room towards Joao in Entity.   By keeping our eyes closed, we contain our energy field and stay safe. 

It was over 90 degrees (32 C) outside and even hotter in the Current Room with all of the body heat and little fresh air.  There were fans on us, but I was sweating profusely as I am unaccustomed to the heat (living in the naturally air-conditioned Pacific NW!)   I estimate that it was about an hour before I began to get VERY uncomfortable.  My right buttock was screaming and the pain was shooting down the back of my right leg – about a 7-8 on the pain scale (10 being the highest pain.) I kept fidgeting, trying to lean on the bench backs in front of me, lean on my cane, shift left, etc. but there were people on either side of me and I was concerned about disturbing them. The stoic New Englander in me made me stick it out as long as possible despite my misery.  I drank my entire liter of water in my backpack and finally had to raise my hand to be allowed out of the room to use the bathroom. They stress how important it is to never leave the Current until the session is over, so I had every intention of returning.  When I looked at the clock I saw that I had been there for 3 hours already!  While out, I got some fresh air, more water, and walked around for a few minutes. When I went back in, I asked the volunteer by the door if he knew how much longer the session might last.  He did not know.  I told him that I was in a LOT of pain and would love to finish the session lying down if at all possible.  He told me to check in the infirmary directly adjacent to the Current Room.  I knocked on the door and a volunteer led me into the infirmary.  I told them of my situation and the woman said that only the Entity could admit people to the infirmary.  She told me to sit in her wheelchair and she whisked me away to pass in front of Joao in Entity once more!  I was the final person in the afternoon session – just in time.  Normally no one is allowed to go in front of the Entity more than once per day, but here I was again.  She spoke Portuguese and informed the Entity of my condition.  He gave me another prescription for Herbs and said he would work on me in the Magnetic Pass room! I was SO grateful and hoped that I might get relief from my pain.  After about 5- 10 minutes in the Magnetic Pass room, I was rolled outside in the wheelchair to a taxi. What a day…….

I took a cold shower then enjoyed sharing stories with other Pilgrims from the U.S.,France, and Australia around the dinner table. One of my companions told me that I seemed to be a bit spryer than the day before.  As I walked back from getting something in my room, I noticed the pain in my left hip was GONE and I was hardly limping! I even held my cane up in the air and told everyone to watch me walking.   They all cheered.  As I write this 2.5 weeks later I am still pain-free.  Before I left I could not even walk around my own house without using my cane and being in a lot of pain. Now I use the cane less (I use it only for longer distances as I feel more secure and can walk faster) and there is no pain in my left hip. Four days after I returned, I walked to the County Courthouse with our election ballots using my walking poles (about an hour round trip!)  I still limp and walk slowly.  I still cannot reach my left foot and am very stiff, but the healing continues.  Miracles DO happen and I am grateful. 

To be continued…..

Love and Light,


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