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Arriving in Abadiania, Brazil to visit John of God

Posted by Rev. Meredith Ann Murray on November 10, 2012 at 4:00 PM

November 10, 2012

I have been home now for 6 days from my two week trip to Abadiania, Brazil to visit the Medium/Healer John of God (“Joao” in Portuguese.)  I still feel as if I am in an altered state, integrating the mind-bending and life-changing things I learned, witnessed and experienced. 

On October 21, 2012 at 4 am in Washington State I began my 32+ hour journey to Abadiania in a shuttle, three planes and a taxi.  My third plane sat on the runway in Sao Paolo, Brazil for 2.5 hours after we boarded before we could take off becauseof a computer malfunction.  So, when I arrived in Brasilia (the capitol of Brazil), my personal guide, Deb Court (a Minister from my seminary) and others in our group had already left.  I was so grateful to see my dear taxi driver Bolivar waiting patiently for me with my name on a sign when I finally arrived.  He drove me to Abadiania, about1.5 hours through the beautiful rolling hills and small towns.  I was glad that I had requested a wheelchair at each airport on this very long trip.  With my cane, heavy backpack, and painful hip, it was a necessity to navigate the long corridors, endless queues, and gate changes. 

It was a welcome site when I checked into the Pousada Jardim Dos Anjos (Garden of the Angels) and saw my nice, clean room with a double bed and private ¾ bathroom.  Deb had even put some lunch aside for me! The owner served it to me in the lush, quiet garden –ahhhhh….  I had no idea what meal I was on as it was now Monday, October 22 at 4 pm in Brazil.  I just know that the food was wonderful and that I was hungry.  The owners here speak perfect English and the food was fabulous. I can highly recommend staying here if you go to Abadiania.  Another plus is that it is toward the far end of the town away from The Casa de Dom Inacio so it is very quiet. 

After showering, unpacking, and eating dinner with my guide Deb and her daughter Cassie, I finally got to bed and slept for 11 hours.   After breakfast on Tuesday, the sunny day began heating up.  Deb took us on a tour of the main street and The Casa.  We walked around town using our umbrellas most of the time (or one can wear a hat, but that holds the heat in!)  This is normally the start of their rainy season, but we had 90+ degree dry days for the first 9 days which was a big challenge for me.  Being from the cool Pacific Northwest, I don’t do well in high heat.  The sun is searing there – way hotter than in Washington State!  While touring The Casa, we saw volunteers hosing down the entire campus and dozens of people helping to make the Blessed Soup which is served to everyone after the Sessions three days per week.  It is a vegetable soup which is blessed by the Entities who work through Joao.  JoaoTeixeira da Faria, or “John of God” was even there chatting with people (as himself, not while channeling an entity.) 

The Casa holds two healing sessions per day, 8 am and 2 pm on Wednesdays,Thursdays and Fridays when Joao is in Abadiania.  Sometimes he travels to other parts of Brazil or internationally, seeing up to 20,000 people for healings in 3 days (while “in Entity.”Millions of people from all over the planet have come before this generous and dedicated soul and received healings for mental, spiritual, emotional and physical maladies.  He has dedicated his life for over 50 years to helping people.  What an honor it is for me to have been able to go there!

On Tuesday afternoon at 3 pm (times change so check if you are going there), volunteers lead pilgrims in a Sing Along!  They have photocopied, spiral bound songbooks that are handed around and shared. People sit at the marble tables and benches where the Blessed Soup is eaten and sing everything from Christian hymns to “This Little Light of Mine”, all inEnglish.  English seems to be a common language for the many travelers from around the world, which is convenient for me as it is my native language. 

After the singing, we visited The Casa’s store where they sell jewelry, books, CD’s, DVD’s, the Blessed Water (bottled water), the Triangle (a symbolof Faith, Love and Charity used here), and loads of crystals and other huge stones from the local area, all of which are blessed by the Entities.  There is no charge for any of the healing work done by John of God at The Casa.  They do accept donations in a box in the Main Hall and support the healing work done there by selling the Herbal Supplements (more on this later), items in the bookstore, and 20 minute sessions in the Crystal Beds (or “baths” in Portuguese.) For years, Joao travelled around Brazil doing healings, but then God and the Entities guided him to settle in one place and start the healing center named after the Patron, Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits.  This town was the perfect place as it sits on an enormous crystal bed and has wonderful energy – considered by many to be a portal to other realms. 

At 5 pm on Tuesday, Arturo, a local Pousada owner who has been volunteering at The Casa for over 15 years, gave the Newcomer Orientation (inEnglish) to about 40 people.  I met a lovely woman from Austria who was back for her second time with her 44 year old daughter.  I also met the other five people in my guide Deb’s group (they were staying at a different Pousada than Deb, her daughter Cassie and I.)  For about an hour we listened as Arturo, who has a delightful sense of humor, outlined the many protocols and rules that they have adopted there.  These things are at the direction of the Entities, for the most part, and change from time to time as guided.  Here is the link to the official guide to TheCasa that you can save or print out to learn the details:

One of the powerful healing modalities at the Casa is the use of the Triangle, which I mentioned earlier. There are several necklaces sold at the store with the Triangle, small wooden ones for sale to take home (I have one) and three very large wooden ones on The Casa grounds where people put their photos and/or prayers for themselves and others.  The practice is to put the photo or paper with as much detail as possible about the situation and person (name, address, birth date, etc.) into the Triangle frame.  Next, while putting each arm along the uppersides of the triangle, one places their forehead INTO the triangle and against the wall while silently asking the Entities for help.  Sometimes there is a line of people waiting to do this and other times you may have it all to yourself.  People can also take photos of loved ones before John of God in Entity, but the person in the photo must be willing to take the Herbs, if prescribed, or come to Abadiania if the Entity puts a black X on the photo.  I placed photos of both of my sons in the Triangle as they are not likely to do either of those things, but I still could ask for healing for them in this manner.  I also wrote out the names of a friend and a family member and asked for their healing as well.  This is a photo of my favorite Triangle in a tiny meditation building in the garden of the Casa:

When we returned to our Pousada for dinner we saw a flock of parrots in the tree in our garden and after dinner (every night, actually) we heard a loud, electronic sounding whistle.  I was amazed to learn that the sound comes from an enormous bug (the size of a small bird, Deb told us)!! I am glad I didn’t come face to face with one.  The frog and moth I saw were huge and a woman I met from the U.S. showed us a photo on her I-Phone of a tarantula that she encountered in her room at another pousada. Yikes!  She did switch rooms….  This part of Brazil is lush and tropical with mangoes, avocados, pomegranates, and many other fruits growing around town.  Lovely!!

As I drifted off to sleep that night, it was with much excitement and anticipation for being in the presence of John of God in Entity and the many other Entities who work through The Casa the following day for my first time.  I fully expected miracles as so many before me have experienced. 

To be continued……

Love and Light,



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Reply Kamal
1:41 AM on June 1, 2013 
Thanks for this post. I have just learned about John of God and I am fascinated by his story. I am already thinikng about visiting him. I hope he or the entity can help my mother who is old and live very far away. Quick question, how much does it cost to be there for two weeks? I am talking about after arriving in the capital until departure? Thank you
Reply Rev. Meredith Ann Murray
2:15 AM on June 1, 2013 
Thanks for your comments, Kamal. I am certain that if you are called to visit John of God you will experience a profound shift. It is an amazing experience. I went with a fellow minister from my seminary, Deb Court. This link takes you to the details of her trips and the cost (plus airfare.) Look at the link "Trip Cost".

(14 day) $1,700,00 Standard accommodations. ($1975.00 Deluxe accommodations)

All inclusive 3 meals a day, lodging and ground transport from Brazilian Airport to the Casa and back. Cost does not include the air travel to get to Brazil
Best of luck to you and prayers for your mother. Namaste' Meredith