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Two more days at the Casa??

Posted by Rev. Meredith Ann Murray on November 23, 2012 at 7:05 PM

Thursday, October 25, 2012

By 7:15 am we were back at The Casa de Dom Inácio where Medium Joao (John of God) does his work. I wanted to sit in the Current Room again as The Entity prescribed this to me yesterday.  I prayed that on this day I would be more comfortable and cooler. The mornings here are a bit cooler – by the afternoon it is over 90 degrees.  I was able to go right to the front of the line of people going into the Current Room because of my mobility issues.  Those over 60 years of age are allowed to do the same.  People start lining up to get into the Current Room by 6:45 am.  I was so grateful that today my pain went from the 8-9 it was yesterday down to a 2-3. Hooray!  Whatever the Entity (Dr.Augusto) did to me yesterday afternoon has given me so much pain relief in my left hip.  I was able to relax in this morning meditation and go into a deep trance, knowing the Entities were working on my well-being.  I prayed for myself and everyone I could think of, as well as Medium Joao, that he may continue this work for many years to come and remain in good health. 

Amazingly, some years ago Joao had a stroke.  He had some paralysis and was very much affected by it.  While he was “in Entity”,his symptoms would disappear.  After a while, the Entities decided that he should do surgery on himself, so he did!  Of course it wasn’t “him” doing the surgery, but whoever the Entity was that day. After the surgery, Joao made a full recovery. 

At the end of the 3+ hour session in the Current Room, I enjoyed the Blessed Soup again along with the hundreds of other Pilgrims.  After lunch at our Pousada and a short rest, we took a taxi back to the Casa where I had my first Crystal Bed sessions.  Earlier in the day I had booked and paid for them ($10 U.S. for 20 minutes) at the Casa bookstore.  My two sessions were not back-to-back but were one hour apart.  During that hour I wrote out prayers for myself, friends, and family members and put them into one of the large Triangles on the campus. The Entities hear these prayers and do what they can for the people,whether it is mental, spiritual, physical or emotional healing.  I am so grateful that I was able to do this!

Because my pain had lessened, I decided to walk the half-mile back down the main street to my Pousada, but I would break it up with a stop at Frutti’s for an ice-cold fruit smoothie.  This is a very popular coffee shop and restaurant run by an Irish man with a delightful garden in the back.  Even while walking in the shade of my umbrella, the 90+ degree heat was intense, so that cold drink was very welcome!  I especially enjoyed the Acai and Acerola fruits with my Passion Fruit, Mango, and Papaya.  Mmmmm…

After a shower and meditation, my guide Deb Court invited me to join her and her daughter Cassie for dinner at the Pousada Luz Divina where the 5 other people in her group were staying.  It was wonderful to get to know them better.  There was a couple in their 70’s who had already been here a few times, a father (70’s) and daughter (50’s), and another woman in her 60’s, all but one from California.  We enjoyed dinner and sat around for a coupleof hours swapping stories of our two days here, life history and views.  The Luz Divina has a gorgeous garden with a labyrinth and views of the countryside and sunset.  Wow! 

Back at our Pousada later in the evening I met awonderful woman M.D.  from Chicago who was here with her 13 year old son (a triplet – the two girls stayed home with their dad.)  I love meeting health care professionals who understand that we are more than mechanical machines to fix-- we are spiritual beings in a physical body. Incorporating spiritual healing into their holistic practices is where many practitioners are going.  Being raised in India, this woman M.D. grew up learning this approach and has already put holistic principles into her Medical Practice.

Friday,October 26, 2012

We were backat The Casa with our white clothing on by 7:15 am so we could get seats.  By 9 am my “Second Time” Line was called.  Deb had gotten a (free) ticket for me earlier in the Casa Store.  Deb had told me that only in recent months the Entities have been asking if anyone in the Second Time line wants to volunteer for surgery, to go ahead rather than the former practice where the Entity had to prescribe it.  So, I was fortunate that this occurred during my visit.  YES! I wanted spiritual surgery.

About 70 of us filed through the Current Room, past the Medium Joao in Entity (he was Dr. Augusto de Almeida, a Brazilian physician in a previous incarnation.) Dr.Augusto has said, “My phalange comprises not of ten, nor a hundred but thousands of Helping Spirits. I am the one who reaches to the very depths of the abyss to save a soul.”  (A phalange is a compact group of people or souls.) Dr. Augusto is one of the main entities who heals through John of God.  Volunteers and regulars at The Casa recognize him for his strong personality and his somewhat directive manner. He is known to be extremely kind and is deeply loved by all.

We were all put in the Magnetic Pass room for about 30 minutes for our spiritual surgery.  We were asked to keep our eyes closed and to put our hands over our hearts.  It is always important when we are anywhere in The Casa to keep our arms, hands, feet and legs uncrossed so energy can flow through us unimpeded.  I felt SO overwhelmed by the Unconditional Love that I was experiencing that my tears flowed freely.  I was so grateful to be able to be there and experience this.  I asked for healthy joints and limbs, flexible and strong.  We were all given another prescription for the Passiflora Herbs as well. 

Once we were released from the spiritual surgery room, we were asked to go to either the English or Portuguese groups in the Garden area for our post-op instructions. We were told to take a taxi back to our rooms immediately and to sleep or stay quiet there with our eyes closed for 24 hours.   We are to drink as much Blessed Water as we can while in Abadiania, too (and not just post-surgery.)  I was drinking at least 3 Liters per day.  Meals would be delivered to our rooms by our Guides or Pousada owners. We should only open our eyes for eating, showering or using the bathroom.  I definitely felt like I was in a much altered state!

I slept for two hours and listened to meditation music on my IPhone.  When Deb brought my lunch to me she quipped, “This is every mother’s dream!  To be told to go to your room for 24 hours, relax, do nothing, close your eyes, and your meals will be delivered to you.”  Ha! 


I slept a lot and also listened to an Eckhart Tolle book on CD which I had brought with me from the library at home.  His monotone voice was enough to put me right back to sleep, though.  I did read a bit – a wonderful book that I bought here called “The Book of Miracles – The Healing Work of Joao de Deus” by Josie RavenWing.  I met her at the Casa earlier in the day, too! In her book she says, "I believe the work at the Casa is having a huge ripple effect out into the world.  The entities have frequently said to visiting medical doctors that spiritual energy healing is going to be the wave of the future in medicine, and that part of the mission of the entities is to transmit some of this energy to and through the doctors who come to the Casa."

In my meditative state, I communicated with and felt the loving presence of my Higher Council – Archangel Michael, St. Germaine, Mary Magdalene, and Jesus.  They were all congratulating me on following guidance and making it down here to receive this powerful healing – they said they were very proud of me.  I also felt my mother, father and paternal grandmother with me through the veil from their home in Spirit. 

I stayed quiet in my room through 10 am the following morning.  We now had 4 days to rest, integrate and explore our surroundings a bit until John of God returned the following Wednesday for more sessions at The Casa.

To be continued….

Thanks for reading!


Rev. Meredith


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Reply Raija
3:52 PM on November 27, 2012 
Thank you Sis for the prayers. I could feel them. Very powerful. Blessings.
Reply Rev. Meredith Ann Murray
1:14 AM on November 28, 2012 
It was my privilege to be there and to include my friends and loved ones in my prayers. Love you sis! SSOO

Raija says...
Thank you Sis for the prayers. I could feel them. Very powerful. Blessings.
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